There is Balance in All Things

Lauren L. Garcia has been a storyteller all her life. She started writing stories at the age of twelve; two decades and over two million words later, she shows no sign of stopping. Her epic fantasy novel Catalyst Moon: Incursion first appeared in Inkitt’s writing contest Dreamlands where it was selected to be published by Inkitt.

The world of Catalyst Moon started to take shape several years ago and Lauren describes the process of creating plot as a quest for balance: “you'll probably hear that there are two kinds of fiction writers: architects, (who plan and structure every detail), and gardeners, (who tend a few seeds of ideas and watch them grow.) I fall into both categories, though I lean more toward being a ‘gardener.’”

Catalyst Moon has been described as a novel "rich in characters, history and magic." It tells the story of Kali, a crippled mage who travels to Whitewater City to meet a healer. When her sentinel escort is killed by mysterious bandits, she is left in the company of a single sentinel, Stonewall, a man with nothing left but his chosen name and his faith in the gods. Together, they must survive demonic creatures, bloodthirsty nomads, and a strange magic never seen before.

The Rising Success of Erin Swan’s Sky Riders

The Sky Riders Series: The Rising Sun and Bright Star are two highly-addictive YA Fantasy novels written by Erin Swan. Erin's first novel The Rising Sun won Inkitt's Hidden Gems writing contest and paved the way for Erin's writing career. Bright Star is the first to be published by Tor Books, an imprint of Macmillan Publishers.

Young Hearts Run Free

Charlotte Reagan wanted to write something real and relatable: "something that spoke to everyone who happened to have rainbow colored souls.” Her debut novel Just Juliet captured hearts when it won Inkitt's Swoon Romance Novel Contest and will be published by Inkitt in collaboration with Rebecca Friedman Agency.

Catalyst Moon: Incursion
Kali, a crippled mage travels to Whitewater City to meet a powerful healer. When her escort is killed, she is left in the company of a single sentinel, Stonewall. Together, they must survive demonic creatures, bloodthirsty nomads, and a strange magic never seen before.
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The Rising Sun
A young girl, rejected for her bloodline, must learn to find her own path despite the prophecy hanging over her head. But ending a war and raising a dragon are only the beginning of her trials. Can she end the 500 year war that has torn the land apart?
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Just Juliet
Lena Newman is in her last year of high school. She thinks she has her future planned until the new girl walks in. Juliet sends Lena’s heart wild with desire. Juliet represents the road less travelled. Will Lena take it?
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The Esper Files
An experiment goes wrong during the latter part of the 19th century, giving certain people extraordinary powers deeming them Espers. An agency is set up to teach Espers how to control these powers, and stop those abusing theirs.
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Top Reviews

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Sophia Hines: Bold and nice attempt I'd say.Iron Mountain robbed? Not in a hundred years but I love the author's skill, it's a good story.Few grammatical misdemeanors but I wouldn't crucify him.I enjoyed reading it from the start to finish and kudos, it's a nice work and bold attempt too.

Aerith: I read this in one day, because once I started I could not stop. The story is extremely captivating and well-written. The characters are believable and her use of greek/roman mythology enriches the plot, though it is obviously tweaked for the sake of the story it still works really well. If you'r...

Raquel Barron: This was disturbing in all the right ways. The portrayal of psychological manipulation was superb. But at times I found myself wanting just a little more detail.

SophiaBailey11: I loved this book! If anyone hasn't read this book you should definitely read it! It was definitely well put together and has emotional ups and downs, there's characters you hate ( lily ) and characters that you love as if it was real life. This book very much reminds me of a more mature Disney s...