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ΗΡΩ: Perfect. I would prefer more discription at the sex scene. More details. Nice novel anyway. I will suggest it to all my girlfriends for sure

Nana Nox: First time I've read a story like this on Inkitt. I find it very unique and well crafted. It has only a few chapters, but somehow despite all the confusion of the quickly happening events I got a very good feel for the characters. It's the way they are written - their inner thoughts. their dialo...

-BRAYAN__: Lia eres la mejor escritora que he conocido gracias por esas grandes historias que llevare siempre en mi corazon

Hemalatha: YesSo far so goodLooking forward to reading more

keachsrch: Great story. Full of Drama, intrigue and love.Love how growing up they supposedly hated each other only to find out it was for attention and that the feelings were there all along. Love manifests itself in many ways

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