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wisty: I really love the plot and suspense of this book and would highly recommend to anyone willing to hear

Ayie: I almost deprived myself a good night sleep with this book!At first am a bit off when I saw it's 200 pages. Am a bit lazy to read long stories. But when I started it, I get hooked up and don't want to put it down.Really good story. You will think who, why and how while reading it.Very well writte...

Itza: La trama va súper bien, la dicción, y que enfado en este punto por los malos cazadores

Janine: Ich mag deinen Schreibstil, man kann einfach nicht aufhören mit lesen.

mavscruz: A simple but endearing, lovely romance story that touches the heart and brings a few tears to my eyes. I love it. You're a good, author. Looking forward to your other stories.🫶🫶🫶

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