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Emily: I can't describe what a good book this is - I love it so much!

priscillalingala28: The novel is a perfect blend of a smut and soft romance. It really keeps you hooked to it. You can not stop reading once started. In short it's the best book!

AL_Grey: From the start the action begins in a courthouse with the main character who is a janitor. Before they know it, a man who is on trial for murder comes racing out the door claiming that the room has been gassed and everyone is knocked out.This man who is named Carlsen is now under the care of the ...

Marie: Une jolie histoire d'amitié amoureuse, plaisante à lire.Les sentiments et les émotions des personnages sont très bien analysés et décrits.

Amy: So eine tolle Geschichte, man fiebert mit den beiden Hauptpersonen mit und freut sich für ihre Siege. Ich denke das diese Geschichte sehr gelungen ist. Danke dafür ❤️

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