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Dracyy: I tried to read this slowly to savor it. I tried I really did. But in the end I binged it because it’s that good! I just couldn’t help myself. And now I have to wait for part two! This has everything…wolves, motorcycles, megalomaniacs and one take no prisoners baddie babe large and in charge. I l...

lulucitagvazquez: Muy buena historia tiene fe todo me encantó lo que no gusto es el final tiene que continuar porque realmente no tiene fin necesito saber que vas suceder con todos los personajes principales

Sylvia: This book was amazing to read and absolutely loved everything about it. Loved reading anything written by this author as you it's gonna be another good read.

Shelley: Loved this book. It was well written, the plot flowed nicely, and it was captivating. Would have been nice to delve more into Jesse's past, it was hard to transition him into a villan, but otherwise, amazing. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

Itzayana Hernandez Barrios: Ojalá tardara un poco menos en actualizar

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