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Dee_Da_Dona: So far the storyline and plot has me captivated and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Excited to read the rest.

Kath Wise: This story is really good and I can not wait for just a rogue which I've already added to my personal library. You are a very talented writer and I must tell you that I loved how you wrote about the lower class ( so to speak) wolves. It is truly refreshing. Almost every werewolf story is about th...

monicamcurry: I loved this story, the plot, the author’s writing style and the author’s main characters. A delightful, interesting, humorous, exciting and enjoyable story. I hope there are more chapters. I would love to see a relationship develop between them.

Maddison Weber: I liked this book. Great characters and great writing

Dianne Kelly: Best story so far. Lyric is the greatest and love her honest no filter mouth. Soooo waiting for updates❤️

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