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laura14lsm15: Hasta el momento me está gustando bastante porque parece real, como la vida misma. Esto nos podría pasar a cualquiera, es de ajusta bastante a la realidad.Se lo recomendaría a todas mis amigas.

aduerr46: Amazing book! I can't wait to read the sequel!

M: The story is great and addictive - I'm having a hard time tine putting it down. My only advice would be to rethink the use of so many adjectives, especially when quite a lot don't make sense. Other than that, I love everything else.

lukmanminaj: Very interesting story. I read the first book and I've always liked Jake. I was looking foward to his story and I'm not disappointed. His still goofy but now he's all manly and alpha. And the chemistry between them, wuuuh....😍I can't wait for the next chapter.

Charming One: Two broken people coming together and healing each other in their own way.. p e r f e c t

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