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Melo✨️: I love the arguments between Blake and Nyx- I can't help but want them to fall in love 😆I really enjoyed the authors writing style as well, and how the author describes the characters. You get a picture of what they look like, and I just honestly am loving this story so far. The descriptive words...

Melo✨️: I really like the way the author describes things throughout the story. I felt connected to the protagonist, feeling her sense of rage over the situation at hand.There were a couple small grammatical errors, but it didn't pull away from the main concept at all.

Silindile: Loved all the main characters, it was sweet charming and romantic I would definitely recommend this book

loriharper: Wow..just wow!!! This book was absolutely totally amazing and a fantastic piece of work. This book will have you on edge the whole way through. I loved it and I hope you keep going with the story.

user-fXVM19fCHf: J'aime le fait que elle se trouve un défit de s enfuir du palais , j'ai hâte de savoir comment va réagir le roi a sa rencontre si ils vont tomber amoureux et est ce qu'il va changer ? J'espère juste qu'elle ne pas se faire blesser par la méchante fille mais j'ai hâte de lire la suite qui va être ...

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