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Janice: I saw this book on Facebook, and got so involved with it. I finally found it on Inkitt, and I absolutely love it. There is absolutely nothing I don't like about it. It has romance, love, drama, suspense, and anything else you might think of. The punctuation is great, but I did notice just a...

keachsrch: Great story. With the abuse she had put up with for yearsShe was a fighter from the start. The family she fell into were a wonderful change. She found her love and extracted her revenge. Found her true love

J.R. Soares: This is fabulous. The author is definitely one of my new favorites. She’s an excellent writer in all aspects: grammar, dialogue, plot, character development, etc.. The lead characters are charming and likable. Can’t wait to read more.

Wendy Schwartz: They were so fascinated and excited when they met like college kids. Wonderful story! I loved it!

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