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Lyzebelle: By the 2nd chapter..I just had to keep going. Hook line and sinker! I eagerly await the next book. This style of writing is..for easy to read. I can relate to her anguish. (My 2nd language is English). TYVM Author. I hope this book makes it to Galatea:)

Shyanne: Loved this got a bad ass woman patched in and he got his old lady so she's double untouchable this was an amazing book can't recommend this more it's phenomenal

Nnad56: L’histoire est trash mais captivante.. les mots sont durs mais c’est très bien écrit, c’est fluide et très très mature pour un jeune romancier dans ce style d’histoire. Poursuivez, moi je vais lire le tome 2 et le reste ! Continuez… 😉

K. N.: I loved this book for the compelling world and concept alongside terrific twists I didn't see coming. The sci-fi elements feel real and also like fantasy. Really great and I want more.

Elizabeth Bygate: Great writing asAlways but need more frequent updates! Suspense is killing me

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