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user-Bb905HiWuk: Nice plot, with interesting twists to it. The main characters are real and authentic. Nice description of the other characters.

Della: I love how veer love her unconditional and is with her in every situation to handel her breakdowns

Daniela: Eine wirklich explosive Liebesgeschichte zwischen dem Freund Ihres Vaters,der mit einer anderen Frau schon mehrere Jahre verheiratet ist und 2 Kinder hat. Wirklich lesenswert! Die leidenschaftliche Spannungen heizen sich zwischen den beiden immer mehr auf ,es ist sehr gut zu lesen und man fiebert...

C: I found this book through an ad on an app I was using, I started scanning the first chapter and was hooked. I really enjoyed this book and literally read it in two day! I agree w/some of the other posts that the ending felt very rushed and I would have enjoyed a few more chapters taking us thru w...

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