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AllThingsMagic: I started reading these on annual leave. I have barely slept haha. I have been hooked, reading late into the night and soon after my alarm- desperate to follow their stories. I can’t believe I’ve come to the end.The angst I have been through during each trilogy- seriously stresses me out haha I n...

miller2pa: You have such a way of writing that keeps you glued to reading it. I just want to keep reading and reading, have not done that in a long time. Thank you.

Carmen: Love this story, great read 👍😀

Sammyjoe_04: Ich suche ständig nach neuen Geschichten und bin umso glücklicher wenn ich welche finde die interessant sind. Deine Geschichte ist interessant, spannend und hält einen fest. Das sie aus verschiedenen PoVs sind macht es leichter es zu verstehen und hält einen mehr fest. Ich bin froh deine Geschich...

Debby: Loved the story. Gripping and I couldn't wait to read the ending. Well written

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