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Jessica: The author is not the greatest at spelling and keeps mixing up names. The store is quite good so far

ole_kle: Amazing story filled with humour and adventure, a little bit of drama and lots of smut! Just how we all like it! The warlord and Anya give me vibes of Khal and Khalisi from a famous series. Even their description is matching, but I really prefer this version of their story! The writing style, des...

Sa: Schön geschrieben, lässt sich toll lesen. Was mir ein bisschen gefehlt hat, was ist mit ihrer besten Freundin? Hoffe es gibt eine Fortsetzung :)

Elisa: 1/3✅I’m honestly in awe with the way this was written. I know so many comments were upset with all the back and fourth. Those comments coming from normal POVs, this book was anything but normal.They weren’t raised with normal ideas of what life was. With all the feelings brought up with this book...

Afeline Curmi: A beautiful love story. A very good read. I finished it in one go Thank you❤️❤️

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