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EdgySherazade: There is much backstory explained right from the start.Some kind of readers greatly appreciate to know much right at the beginning while others prefer to discover things at a slower pace.I'm of the latter kind so I had a bit of hard time with the first paragraphs, but eventually it picks up and n...

Mechruenyand: The author has the way with words that captures your attention and find your self turning to the next page. The poems are captivating and provoke thinking. I hope you keep writing and bless us with your words.

Callme_Tabo: Me ha encantado el argumento y el desarrollo de la historia. Las narraciones son hipnotizantes y enganchan como pez en el agua. Sigue así! Tienes todo mi apoyo. Te seguiré comentando acerca de más de tus títulos. Besos, Tabo 🥰❤️

Nowak: I love the book I started reading it this morning and can't stop

nightowl71672: This is a really great book I love the author I love the story I love the people! There are a lot and I do mean a lot of typos and words that don’t make any sense but otherwise it’s a great book! I will definitely be sharing this one and going to look for a book to thank you!!

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