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claire: Enjoy reading this book couldn't put it down. Author never heard of before but seems to know what to say and expect

grossolaverne: My dearest topperjoslin.... you've hit a bestseller!!!!!! I loved everything about this book!!! The characters, the intrigue, the drama, the suspense, etc.... It's after midnight and I'm pumped.... bet I dream this book tonight!!! As always..... anxiously awaiting the next one!!!!!! Thank you for...

marremom: another amazing story. sadly the last of the series. i do hope you have more in you. i love how all of the characters of your stories are broken souls that learn to love and be loved. l look forward to reading more of your work in the near future. thank you so much for sharing.

Idk: I like how the girl knows how to play basketball

MinYaret: Es necesario leerla para comprender las reseñas y sinopsis qué se hacen respecto a esta lectura. Posee una excelente redacción, una trama exquisita y como plus una muy buena ortografía.

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