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Maeve Lindley: Overall Rating 4.75 out of 5Plot rating 5 out of 5Writing Style 4 out of 5Grammar and Punctuation 5 out of 5The first chapter, while to some may seem like a lot of information at once, is vital! When you start to read the story, it is very handy to refer to this index/glossary page. The beginning...

CP: One of the chapters can't be fully read as parts of sentences can't be read. Other than that. I am enjoying the book.

Siffre Barboni: It’s normally hard for me to find unique books surrounding sci-fi and futuristic elements but boy this one had me hooked from the prologue!!I loved the immediate sense of timeline & location because it began the immersion for me. Further on I noticed great and impressive use of vocabularies – it ...

Ela.a: Es una maravilla todo lo que escribe, cómo lo escribe. Da gusto y placer leerlo

Mira Matic: This story is a VISA to laughter and fun spiced with a young immigrant girl's real struggles she had to face alone in a foreign country. The MCs of this Cinderella story are two people who should never have met, and fate brought them together. I can't wait for more :)

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