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Jazy: I loved it! I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of reading and this story did it for me. I think this book has a beautiful love story.

mnormanwriter: The style itself is already a great reason to read this story. The first two chapters gave me some mysterious vibes that gradually unveiled as the story progressed, and I enjoyed how the protagonist kept part of his secrets, opening near the end a new set of mysteries for us to wonder

Linda Mendez: I loved this story even the unhappy parts‼️. Good plot & a happy ever after❣️

alliecat1231: I love your writing and always get so excited for a new release, you don't dissapoint! Thoroughly enjoyed reading this and can't wait for the next story 😀

Alba C. S. : La historia es adictiva, un enemies to lovers muy bien llevado, salpicado con muchos secretos por todo el elenco de personajes, que te hacen desear seguir leyendo más y más.No me está costando nada visualizar la historia, lo cual se agradece mucho y además, la autora nos ofrece imágenes del perso...

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