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elie43: Einfach nur fesselnd... kann nicht aufhören zu lesen... nach jedem Kapitel will man einfach nur wissen wie es weiter geht...

Forever Yours: Liked the story, I learned many curious things about horseriding and races. I really liked Ian and Frederick’s (or whatever her name should be spelled 😁) love line, but Finn and Shannae’s was quite unticlimatic, no drama for them 😁 the twist at the end was unexpected 👍🏼

Chantal Montag: Es ist eine wirklich traurige und schöne liebes Geschichte . Sie ist fesselnd und läd ein sich in der Geschichte zu verlieren🥰 ich kann sie definitiv weiter empfehlen

Lozzi: Picks up where book 1 left off and this has soooooo many twists and turns!!!!I literally read in a couple of days it had me hooked!!Sooooooo good!! Can’t wait to read the 3rd and final book!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Chen: I really enjoyed reading this novel because it's so relatable to the reality of life. I like the way Darien revealed his love towards Ana. At the very beginning I thought Darien is not a romantic guy but it's very opposite .I love you Darien😘. Keep it up Author. Hoping to see you an amazing nova...

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