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Claudia: Die beiden passen gut zusammen. Die Idee, die Rudel mit einem Vertrag zu vereinen und sich gemeinsam gegen Mason zu stellen ist fantastisch. Die Gabe von Lola ist noch nicht klar aber es wird immer besser. Calab sollte sie aber bald markieren.

Fiona Walker: And they all hopefully get what they deserve! I wasn’t entirely sure initially about the mother/son but there’s no blood relationship and she didn’t bring him up so Happy Days lol. Yet again, never failing to deliver a priceless nugget of enjoyment

pyggidoo: My heart is breaking for Rayna.And I really want to know if Yaya is really pregnant...

Frannette Lungu: This story is unfolding nicely am in love with it

Daniela: The story is great. I can not wait for the update. The characters and the plot is written amazingly. Please update soon. I've spent all night into morning reading this book.

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