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Afeline Curmi: What a beautiful story❤️❤️❤️

Mechruenyand: The book is great and I love the bond between Ade and Hen. They are rvery siblings dream. The only pitfall I have is too long paragraphs. I think if you cut them and give each individual a paragraph when they are talking will improve your novel so much better. Other than that, it is fantastic. Ke...

Marie: Une romance érotique mais pas que... on s'attache à l'histoire des personnages et aux épreuves qu'ils traversent. Au delà de la dimension érotique, c'est aussi un chemin vers la reconstruction. Bravo à l'auteur.

Gang: A great novel with a gripping story, interesting twist and simplicity. I love that every character is unique while the story is realistic. Apart from a few typos its flawless. Kudos to the writer!!

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