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meolili: I love reading about falling in love so easily when it's not so easy in the real world.

Jenney: I am liking this so far, it is somewhat different from other books in this genre. Hopefully it keeps getting better as it progresses

stella3163: Very good book , well written and so sweet. Thank you.

אדוה: Shiloh, you are writing about a very important subject!I can immagine that man that Kamila is writing to such attacking letters about this subject that she cares so much!The nature is giving us so many things and it's so true that our answer to this kindness should be the same.I wish you all the ...

sharono690: Evie being rejected by the future Alpha for the Lust of another nearly broke her but travelling and training away from her pack brought her back stronger than ever. Thanking the moon goddess Finding a new mate that loves her n wants her is her dream come true.But I think there's more to Everett t...

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