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cas: I absolutely loved this book. I first saw it in a advert with one of my games. I searched everywhere for it and im so happy i found it. The story line keot me gripped and wanting to read more- as much as i could at a time. Thank you to the Author for writing this, whoever reads this book next wil...

Karla Schwehm: I like the build up and intro of all characters

karene911: A spicy romance that has an underlying moral compass. Along with the story a lesson about looking down on others and racism is threaded into the pages. I enjoyed your book very much.

RJ Raine: The story is very drawn out. I am starting to lose interest. Weak female leads can make a story frustrating. No woman in her right mind would jeopardize what she has with a billionaire because she's sympathetic to an ex, who has more than proven his instability.

Melissa: This is definitely a cute story. I just think it's to short... I like longer reads.

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