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Galilée: Tous mes encouragements . Quelle magnifique plume vous avez !

katja0578: Eine unglaubliche Geschichte, aber so wunderschön. Hoch und Tiefs finden sich im Buch wieder. Die Emotionen sind absolut nachvollzieh- und nachfühlbar. Die herzzerreißenste Geschichte, die ich hier bis jetzt gelesen habe. Danke

CMHENRICKSON88: The overall plot and flow is fantastic. I also really enjoyed the character interactions. The book needs some regular copy editing for grammar and typos but that's normal. Overall, a great story.

Marlisle: Such a beautiful book. The flow in the "period like" dialog is perfection. Florlai is witty and charming. The twins are anti heroes, kind and yet carry a dark side. The sizzling scenes are off the charts. I look forward to watching their relationship grow.

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