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Fiona Walker: A really delightful, well written story with a great twist.

Barbra: I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. I've read some other stories of the author but kept skipping over this one. I'm glad I finally read it. I loved the chemistry between Celeste and Ezekiel. It was up and down, hot and cold, it was unpredictable, it was funny at times. I did come across some ...

T. Locklear: Very Raw Compelling Story! It massages All the deep hidden feelings in one’s gut !Takes a Deep ,talented author to compel the audience to Believe!Not for the Faint at Heart.Bravo

marremom: amazing. this one really touched my heart. you don't often hear books about a handicapped person. it was great bringing forth that no matter what the complcations are love will pull through. loved the characters so much. thank you so much for sharing.

Mayaserana : I've only read ten chapters of this story so far, and I'm 100% hooked. I'm not a mother and haven't experienced such a painful loss in my life, but the emotions in this book are strong enough to touch anyone's heart. The main plot unravels as we follow a bereaved mother mourning the death of her ...

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