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Mai_z: As always, you are doing it again! Short or long novel , you always nailed it. Can we add more drama to this one please!? Love their banter 💋

DramaQueen769: I cried reading this book bc I lost the opportunity to have a love like that and I blamed myself every day because of my stupidity but then I realized that I had to change but he would talk to this one girl and her name was Andy and she took everything for me the guy I loved and the things I had ...

Camille Berghmans: J’adore cette histoire c’est tellement fun

geoffjswiggins: This is full of suspense and a very contagious story line to it.

Mooniekika: It's a very good read . The storyline is very intriguing ❤️ give it a try you wouldn't be disappointed I promise. I need more chapters.😘

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