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An aspiring Fantasy writer; Bradley Konkiel. Please view my works and support them! A simple shoutout would mean the world. I'm all for interacting with the community, so please, email me anything!

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Hello there!

I just finished reading "Birth of a Dragon". I loved it! I've read many books (especially about dragons and that whole fantasy realm for I am fascinated with that realm), and believe you me, I believe your writing is among the best I've read! I thought it was going to be there average "dragons are real" story, but the plot was so fascinating I lost myself in it. Before I realized it, I read the entire thing, hungry for more. Every step was an exciting addition to the plot and feeling of the story and it is simply amazing!

I loved the story and I hope you have more! Cause I am certainly going to look for more from you.

I seriously recommend you to fantasy readers, 10/10 would read again, as you would an old book you've read countless times, but find yourself absorbed into it every time.

Again, great story, loved it!

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