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A review of 'Epidemic'

After reading the first half of the story: Overall, excellent. I wanted to continue reading. The writing style matches the mood of the story.
Few minor notes:
P.29 how do we (and the main character) know that the man on the 'final bench' is Polish?
P.31 why is it of consequence that the nurse started stripping the bed before the main character was discharged?
Sometimes, I wanted the tempo to slow down for a moment, and to be teased more. It would build more suspense.
After reading the rest of the story: the reading was going swimmingly until the death of the main character who narrated the story. That was a let down, as was the switch from one character's narrative to another's in epilogue.
Also, the characters speak very similarly, you may want to make them a bit more distinct.
Still, a very good story. Not a novel though, more a novella.

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