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Mediocre and in need of cheesecake

Joking aside:

The plot hinged on the main villain Phen the Black, a malicious demonic entity trying to destroy the titular sword "Morphimus" which holds power over the multiverse. The problem? He's a complete joke of a villain, now don't get me wrong, this story is intended to be humorous and yet I didn't expect this level of bumbling from the chief antagonist.

Phen suffers from next to no appearances besides at the start and at the climax, no in depth characterisation and this is just a minor nitpick, why would a cult be dedicated to studying atoms and particles? It does not tie in with what little we get to see of Phen (a childish quasigod throwing a genocidal tantrum for no good reason), he could be the leader of a cult that really enjoys fried eggs over boiled eggs and it would not change the story at all.

If he wanted to destroy Morphimus for good and he needed to kill one of the characters godlike mentors in order to stop all threats to his existence, then why did he make no attempts on Teresa's (a draconic goddess who created Morphimus) life? If she is a full-fledged deity that can will a sword that commands the forces of the multiverse and bends them to its will, then it is quite obvious that despite the long ammount of time it would require her to create something that she would just as easily create a substitute sword? Perhaps one that even improves upon the faults of the previous one?

There are also the implications of there being more deities out there, naturally any of them could pose more of a threat then Morphimus, granted though, Phen does try to kill Vik his fish-like parent but that is obviously more of a personal grudge than anything else. Speaking of which, this revelation comes out of nowhere and has no foreshadowing whatsoever and is very ham-fisted as a result.

The pros of this story are the interactions between the characters, my favourite moment would probably have to be the part where the characters are collectively as a group solving riddles. It would have to be one of the more funnier parts of the story in my opinion.

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