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Nelumbella is Good

Nelumbella is a rather interesting fable/fairy tale with many themes including acceptance of ones self and others. The characters have good depth and personality but don't stray too far from your initial impressions in many cases, which is fine for the genre. In many ways this novel is similar to Shrek in how it subverts some tropes that feel tired and worn while making use of others to promote a good message. Older reader or fans of High Fantasy might be left wanting but taken on it's own merits Nelumbella is a good read.

The writing and world building is top notch and captivating; I would love t o see a sequel with a different tone. While Nelumbella has a few dark spots it is generally positive which leads to a conclusion that aligns well with genre norms. The novel is not quite predicable but it's main fault it how safe it is overall. The technical skills of Alize Zaide have produced a rose colored novel that may leave some wishing for more grit. I definitely recommend it for younger readers or those dealing with a certain level of body issues that may need a pick me up.

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