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Great pacing and a good read

This is an intriguing story with a good mix of new fantasy and bits of traditional myth and fairytale.

While there is a lot of world crafting in this book, it is broken up into manageable chunks that flow well with the plot and the pacing in the story without overwhelming you with too much information at any given point. The plot at its core is a typical fantasy story of good vs evil revolving around intricate prophesies complete with physical and political battles. However, there are are plenty of fresh ideas and an interesting plot that moves smoothly and quickly.

It is hard to put down at times as most scenes and chapters flow smoothy from one the other. Plot points that are introduced early on continued to tie into later plot developments. Character development is believable and assists with conflicts and creative solutions.

Overall, a good read. I would be interested to read future books as it leaves off with some resolution but also so much more story to tell.

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