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I couldn't put this down. I kept reading right through French, break, and into English then devoured the rest at home.

It's brilliant. Martell is so hot, hot, hot I might burn myself on him!!! Sunday's a laugh a minute and Alpha is like super strong, but then vulnerable at the same time. She's not like one of girls whose too perfect if you know what I mean. I didn;t just hate her for being so incredible because she also has faults that make you like her, and you just want to be her friend and help her with all her amazingness. She's not bossy or too slick or too clever. She makes mistakes even though she's so powerful and the whole story is about her working as part of a team which is not a thing she ever thought she'd do.
It's not an old-fashioned fantasy and it's got modern concepts at the roots of the story. You should make this into a film and it'll make a load of money because it's so good.

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