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From start to finish, this attempt at a book is terrible. As a written work, it was clearly rushed, and at best amounts to little more than 50's "Red Scare" propaganda, unimaginatively rehashed in an attempt at relevance in today's America. At its worst, it borders on plagiarism, its plot clearly mirroring that of a recent Sci-Fi channel production of the novel "Childhood's End", in which one man literally witnesses the end of mankind caused by the socialist policies encouraged by seemingly-benevolent aliens. In street terms, "The Last Exodus" is what is known as a "rip-off". Surely, someone as concerned about socialism as this author ought to know better than to infringe on someone else's intellectual property.

The author insults the reader's intelligence by bombarding them with numerous typographical errors from start to finish, including the misspelling of a character's name in the very first chapter. It is clear that zero proof-reading was performed. Even more egrigious is the complete lack of thoughtful symbolism and metaphor, eschewed in favor of ham-fisted comparisons and tired tropes and similes like "John shrugged and looked down the long line of people, standing complacent as cattle standing outside a slaughterhouse." Even the protagonist is named "John Evermann", so that even the more simple-minded readers can imagine themselves in his shoes. Clearly, the point of this exercise is not to invoke meaningful thought, but to disseminate the author's political views in the most easily understood way possible, appealing to what we refer to as "the lowest common denominator".

One might think of many reasons not to read this story, but there are two that require the most attention: it is propaganda, and it is poorly-written propaganda. Why is this story propaganda? Its agenda is obvious, that of the author as experienced by the protagonist: "socialism is bad": no attempt at nuance is made, and only the singular point of view is offered. Why is it poorly-written? Aside from the countless glaring errors that the author deemed suitable for public consumption, the simple story runs approximately forty chapters too long, its plot and theme easily deliverable within pages. The rest is filler, and filler is never good.

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