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Suspenseful Science Fiction About Alien Invasion

“The Origin of F.O.R.C.E.” is a science fiction novel that spans decades and builds its suspense in the form of an alien invasion that will be sixty-plus years in the making—and America will have to bring its best scientists and minds together to stop the eradication of the human race.

The novel begins with two aliens (the Chrysallamans) scoping out Earth and deciding it’s just what they’re looking for—but the ship is taken down by the U.S. military near Roswell, and they also take custody of the sole survivor, a young lizard-like being they name Whatsit. Whatsit has the power of mind control and a strange form of telepathy, but despite these advantages he still sees Captain Jim Blunt as his master. It’s through Whatsit that the humans will seek to develop their own weapons and mind power to fight the alien invasion Whatsit indicates is coming….

What I liked best about this novel was the unexpected twist of how Whatsit bonds with Jim. Whatsit is a scary being with his powers and strength, but he’s also the key to success against fighting his own people. My favorite scene was one of him with the young Dalai Lama and their strange connection, but I also enjoyed his scarier side, such as his encounter with “Your Grace.” In addition to the science and extraterrestrial elements, there’s a satisfying romance: Jim and a scientist named Diane, who experiments with the potential of DNA, slowly grow together as they work together to save humanity. In the Chrysallamans, the author has created a frightening threat; and in those who are racing the clock to develop the technology and strength to defeat them, the author has created a group of compelling American heroes.

Recommended to readers who enjoy science fiction, especially novels in which Earth has to protect itself from galactic threats.

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