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World Apart is fantastic!

C.J. Connor might just be my new favorite author! I've never read a book that has pulled me in so quickly and held me captivated so consistently throughout. It's hard to summarize all that is great about this book, as there are so many aspects that the author has truly nailed. The world is vividly described and believable, the characters are unique, complex, and likeable (or easily hated, depending on who you're talking about!), and the action is fast-paced and wild: descriptive hand-to-hand combat, epic gunfights, and creative new weapons, including a gun that doubles as a sword, introducing exciting sword fights into the midst flying bullets and exploding grenades. But the story is deeper than the war and the action that rings throughout. I enjoyed watching the relationships bloom, exploring the hopes and fears of the characters as they face death, and experiencing the highs and lows of human nature as the three human races plunge rapidly into war and soon must unite to save their kind. I've noticed other reviews here that have mentioned the twists in this book, and it's hard to give the author enough credit in this regard. The twists and turns were simply brilliant! The emotional roller coaster that World Apart took me on was addictive, and I was truly sad when I reached the end. Fortunately, there must be a sequel! I don't know if it has been written yet, but I know everyone who reads this book will be waiting anxiously for it. This is an awesome story, and everyone should give it a read, even if science fiction is not your thing. The other components of the plot make it so much more!

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