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Captivating and relatable!

This story is so mind boggling! It keeps you wanting more from the narrator and leaves you wondering what about this journal has the main character so intrigued. Should we be intrigued too? The main character is easy for people to relate to yet does something most people wouldn't agree with(taking the journal).Ironically, though many (as the main character himself) don't believe in doing such a thing probably would have taken the journal just as he had. Its easy to connect with yet leaves you feel morally wrong just by reading.

The authors writing style is also quite interesting. It keeps you on your toes while placing you in the mind of the main character while maintaining 3rd person point of view. This author know how to maintain a balance of imagery and plot without letting it get bring. To the audience this is a must read! To the author please continue writing I need to know what happens next soon or I just might explode with curiosity like your main character!

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