Hi! This is KOTARA IORANGI Meaning, "Cloud Armour". I write fantasy and fanfiction stories. One common thing about me is that I love to draw! "Atarangi te kua toi" "Art has shadows"

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The Curse Of Cupid

first of all, THIS IS AWESOME I LOVE THIS I just really wanted this to be longer! such a great story I just want to find a sequel or something, I recommend this to ALL rick riodan fans because this fanfic is a MUST it really is a fantastic book/story one of the best fanfics I've read in a while I love this book I think that whoever- I know that whoever doesn't like this is either can't read or has really bad taste in books I like the fact that Nico could be with will and still be the god above all the gods, in other words, THE FRICKING KING OF THE GODS! he really put cupid in his place and I love that especially because cupid was a cruel god you'd think he'd be the kindest eh? WRONG anyways, it's a really good book you have to read this if you like rick riodan or heck! If you just like fantasy books!

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