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This story was a a sweet and refreshing break from reality, but seemed just real enough to keep me submerged and engaged in the story.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this. From its characters to its beautifully written prose, every bit of it was worth reading. The plot was well constructed and all of the characters developed in some way. The writing style was fantastic, being well paced, lyrical and flowing smoothly.
I not only loved how it was written, but I also loved why. A moral-less story isn't one that carries much meaning, but this one really gave me something to chew on. The story conveyed the important message of finding beauty in oneself and not depending on or waiting for someone to approve of how you look. This really hit home and I'm sure it will with many other readers too.

There are a few typos and the story could use a read through to catch them, but that's a minor issue and it doesn't distract from all of the wonderful aspects of this story.

Best of luck in the contest! You have my vote.

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