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The Aureate Spectacles

Reading this book was like reading a poet who stepped out of her comfort zone and then wowed her audience with a fabulous novel. McKay's descriptive style and eloquent wording captured me right from the beginning. The picturesque world she created and the plot she wove among the beauty made for a visual reading experience I'll never forget. I stumbled upon a request for reviewers of advanced reading copies and decided to give the book a whirl and then realized later that there were vampires and werewolves. Lots of people like that genre, but I generally don't; however, this one was different. Michaela is only part vampire, and she worries about the vampire coming out throughout the book as she sees changes in herself. She changes from a tortured, bullied, unloved young lady to the leader of a people she never knew existed, and she finds love and answers about her family along the way. I highly recommend this book, and I'm looking forward to whatever McKay writes in the future.

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