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The werewolf story the world has been waiting for!

Supernatural fiction (particularly werewolf and vampire stories) has been popularised greatly by works such as Twilight, which is not entirely a bad thing, but it has led to the genre becoming very stale very quickly. It is a relief, then, to read Aconitum which is bursting with originality, strong characters who stay with you and an intriguing technique of telling the story by delving into the past through flashbacks. If you have been bored by the 'sameness' of the werewolf supernatural romance fiction saturating the market - this is the book for you. In fact I daresay this is a book the world needs and badly!

To begin with, Hector is a fantastic protagonist. Aloof and set in his ways and yet approachable through his flashbacks and how we see him become the man we first meet in chapter one. We see his struggles, the trials he has overcome as he completes his current mission. It is very difficult to make solitary, private individuals accessible to the reader by M manages this flawlessly.

Throw Royer into the mix and we have a beautiful friendship forming - one that has the reader rooting for.

Then we have the world building. This is many an author's worst nightmare. It can be so hard to achieve a rich world a reader feels they can imagine and visit and know what to expect without info dumping. M achieves this flawlessly. We get details on the feeling of the general population, the moral implications of such a world and the stakes of any given scenario. This is a world the author has thought long and hard about.

The best part? There are so many memorable characters. Sera is my favourite. That said it is so hard to choose a favourite with so many rich and diverse characters.

My one criticism? That the story had to end. M made me care about these characters, made me feel as though they were my friends, people I knew ... and to suddenly have them drop out of my life and into the blank space of an empty page ... heart breaking.

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