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Best fanfic I've ever read

Well, the title says it all. For those who are lazy at the time of reading a review I'll only say this FanFic has my "Seal of approval" and I can ensure that if you're looking for a good continuation to "Tomb Raider: Angel of darkness" storyline you'll not be disappointed.

And for those who aren't that lazy, those who want to know why... well I'll explain a little bit myself.

First of all I'll have to apologize for my english. English isn't my native language and my writting skills are a little rusty after time not using them. That said, I'll start:

I read this fanfic a long long time ago. I remember starting it when I was 13 (now I am 21, so... 8 years ago. I'm getting old). At first I though "Oh God, this is good". I mean, the charcters, their personalities, their way of acting, it was all so similar to the game. Specially Lara and Kurtis. It was easy to see that the writer loved the characters in the game and she couldn't just let them go after the end of Angel of Darkness. I've read other "Post-Angel of Darkness" fanfics but none of them was so a similar to the game. I am the kind of reader that falls in love with the characters and that after years reads again the books only to go on an adventure with them again. And I've read the Golden Seal multiple times.

I'm going in circles... What I want to say is that the characters are fantastic, but not only the characters. Their adventure is thrilling. I remember being an adolescent and being like "OMG No! Run Lara! Save yourself!" or "Yeah! They've made it!". And well... put together good characters and exciting adventures and you've got an enjoyable book/fanfic/film/game. Of course it's not a master pice, but overall it's really entretaining and at the end it's what really matters. I'm a little tired of "Master Pices" that are a pain in the ass to read.

The continuation of the Golden Seal (Lilith's scepter) is the Master Pice. Really good, better characters, better story, more mature, more places and enviroments, more shocking situation, more emotional charge and a little pain in the ass to read at some parts (With love Ana! ;) )

And that's all I had to say. I hope that if you're thinking on reading it or not, you give it a chance. You won't be disapointed.

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