Little Whinging

i think drabbles-- or a fic. with less than 5000 words are the best. I like it when II cry or get sad because of fanfictions, I handle it better that way.

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niewna's point of view

It's a fairly interesting story and I'm quite curious as to why Dumbledore appeared in the stone. I have not read that far for I have to do something at the moment but I will, for sure, come back and read this story. If you have not finished this yet, please continue to do so (since I have seen it has quite a few chapters, still, or maybe it's just the intended length, i don't know.)
(oh and since I am a biased house member--) I really love how you made him a Slytherin and like the other reviewer, how you showed the state of the Slytherin house after the war. I guess it had been angering as now, the bullied bullies the once bully, but really, I think that;s just.... realistic. I do hope you'll show how this will affect and improve the main character's character.

have a good life!

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