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World Apart is an epic science fiction novel about the essence of human nature. It highlights the traits that unite us all, and it does this by building a deeply imagined reality in which the Earth has been destroyed, and the human descendents have been separated by space and by thousands of years of evolution. It explores the argument of inherent greed and violence versus kindness and love of fellow man. I truly LOVED this book!

The first 100 pages or so work to establish the world and to introduce the amazing characters, each with their own unique and exciting story within their own worlds. We then journey down the path of the unknown as a mysterious planet floats amongst the human worlds, enticing them to exploration. I loved watching as the characters left behind their own lives and dove head first into the chaos of war. Without giving away any of the twists (and their are many HUGE twists), this story really instills a sense of pride in the human race. The action is heart pounding and well-described, with such unique attention to detail that I couldn't help but see every scene play out as a movie in my head. The imagery is stunning, and at times poetic, and I found myself many times wishing I could be there experiencing the sights for myself. The pacing of the story was perfect, with nearly constant action, but just the right amount of intermixed humor, romance, and dialogue to balance out. Every chapter ends in a way that coerced me to read on, and every twist was unexpected and extremely satisfying! I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well-written story. To the author: Please make a sequel! There has to be a sequel coming, right?!

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