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Your story left me biting my lip from how sweet and fluffy it is, and with watery eyes from the intense feelings I got while reading it. It's beautifully written with a well written plot that I just couldn't stop reading until I had finished it.
I love how Alexander falls in love with Aria and who she really is, and in return Aria falls for Alexander despite how evil he can be sometimes. Aria and Alexander both are very strong characters on their own and they both had a very similar and different background story at the same time. They both respond to this background story in a very different way though.
Both characters fall deeper in love with each other with each day that passes, Aria accepts everything about Alexander just like she expects him to accpet everything about her even though there are some bumps on the road.
There is something that Aria says at some point and that I really liked, it's "Love is acceptance." and it really applies to Aria and Alexander's relationship.
Oh and that cliff-hanger killed me...
I really liked the story. Happy writing.

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