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Outstanding sci-fi novel, humorous and very intelligent

There's a lot of sci-fi out there that involves aliens who view humans as a pest on the planet, and more often than not humans are harvested in some useful form or fashion to benefit the aliens. War of the Worlds turned us into fertilizer. V viewed us as a food source. In FORCE the Crysallamans discover we make a rather tasty meat paste, among other things. That should clue you into the dark but amusing humor that weaves through this clever sci-fi tale of alien invasion and the potential elimination of humanity on Earth.

The story builds upon the mystery surrounding the Roswell incident in 1947, using this event as a starting point for the arrival of the Chrysallamans, an alien race with a Borg-ish determination to take over every planet in the galaxy. Two of these aliens are captured and eventually lead to the development of FORCE, The Federal Organisation for Response to Celestial Enemies, being established 1981. It will become the US's official agency charged with defending against alien races.

The game is on to ready the planet for the inevitable invasion, including a bit of genetic tampering in hopes of developing humans with superior strength, vision, and hearing, as well as much cooler abilities such as telepathy. The interactions between Dr. Heinbaum and MacPherson were hilarious thanks to their personality clashes. Whatsit adds a unique twist to things, as the captured alien becomes sort of the key to unlocking the door to defeating the aliens and saving humanity. It's a fantastic read, a totally creative and thrilling sci-fi story that kept me hooked cover to cover.

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