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The Realm of Six

How would I rate this book?

That really depends. If you are a person who does not like immersing yourself in an extremely expansive, unique and imaginative world, with a huge variety of characters and what I could only call a Game of Thrones level of fuckery then Six Realms is simply not an experience you need to have. However, I would suggest that you change this immediately.

Six Realms has an intricate plot, with a huge amount of developments woven in to a single beautiful tapestry. There are characters you hate to love, love to hate, hate to hate and despise beyond all existence (*cough* Herrin *cough*).

You ask, is the story perfect? No, it isn't, however should it gain access to editing and further refinement I believe it has an endless amount of potential. The author has painstakingly crafted a world, using a myriad of themes, in which practically anything can happen. It's open to imagination and interpretation and that's what I think shines through most.

Don't believe me? Read for yourself.

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