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Best New Sci/Fi Military Book In Years

I can honestly say this is the best SCI-FI/Military book I have read in a long time. He paints a future that makes you believe could really happen. Very vivid and detailed battle scenes, without being overly graphic. No foul language in it. Which makes It a winner for me. That shows his talent, so everyone in the family can read it and be entertained. I also loved the development of the main character. She's starts out a innocent High School girl and by the end of the book, she's a battle hardened Marine, great job in showing her own personal struggles while going through a difficult situation and still being able to do the job that's required of her at such a young age. The authors military background really shows. His description of the training, the way Sailors and Marines talk to each other, and work together. Reminds me of my Navy days. A real thrill for me was seeing the name of my actual first ship as one of the ships In the story. His use of peoples actual names to me made it seem more personal, really makes you want to cheer them on. And feel for them when they suffer losses. I just finished reading it just moments prior to writing this. I am already anxious to read the next episode in the series. So many Sci-Fi books have become very formulaic. But this one is very refreshing to me. A real winner here. I would give it more then 5 stars if I could. You won't be disappointed

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