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Not Your Typical Werewolf Cliche

So, at first glance, I thought this was just going to be like any other werewolf book out there that you could find on Wattpad, but I was intrigued enough with the little bloop that I wanted to read more. Following that weird thing that I call curiosity, I found this thing called an obsession. This book was obviously well thought out, and while there were a few grammar errors (like your and you're) and sometimes some missing punctuations (mainly commas that I noticed upon first read), the author really thought things through.
While each character had their own faults, they were also able to grow and mature, and the situations that they were dealt simply made them stronger and more realistic in the end. Relationships grew and love blossomed in weird places and sometimes you would question if you had made a correct assumption about what was going on. And if you're anything like me, you hate being wrong. Nonetheless, the author totally had all their horses in the corral and together they ran beautifully, although sometimes one would break away from the group to do its own thing
Yet, there was never a dull moment. I usually have to pause during any kind of romance/fantasy book to get over my annoyance of a character trait or a typical situation that the main character always tends to find themselves in, but this book seemed to always have you on the edge of your seat about one thing or another.
The main thing that I found super cool was the way this author described mates. It's not your typical werewolf cliché of "I saw her across the room and Bam! Love at first sight." The character's had to really fight for each other, whether it was friend ship or a love relationship. And sometimes a love/hate relationship that oddly turns into a friendship that would withstand the torment of time. Overall, I give this book a huge thumbs up. It's definitely a good read.
So to you, dear author, I tip my hat. You did a beautiful job thinking everything out, messing around with it, and putting it all together. It was well thought out and I liked a lot of the ideas you had. I also loved how strong the main character was, even in her weak moments. She stood up for herself, but she tended to it kindly and she had a lot of forgiveness in her heart, even at the end of it all with everything she was put through. I think we can all admire a character like Alexina.

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