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I thought the story was well grounded. It reminded me of The 100, but only ever so slightly. I became enthralled by the 'sheep in wolves clothing' aesthetic that many of the characters face. Is one's friendship more important than an entire kingdom? What would one do to preserve it? These are questions I asked myself as I read through this book's pages. I was eager to see how Dominic would react to the adversity that was thrown his way. The plot and sense of setting was especially powerful in this novel, but it did have it's issues.

An issue I found prevalent in this novel was telling. In some instances it was fine, but overall there was too much telling. This novel could benefit from more showing. Too much telling can make the characters seem one-dimensional and make it seem like parts of the story are being spoon fed to you. The mechanical errors didn't take too much away from the story, but with some more polishing, I'm sure this book could make it to the bestseller list one day.

And this story is a very good example of how to handle multiple character povs!

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