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First off, this story was hilarious. The dialogue was unique, and the characters were engaging in their own unique ways. It was also quite poignant. Personally, I can understand Spencer's pain when it comes to her parents; it's obvious that they worry about her, but they're both so narrow-minded that it stints the way they show.

Now for a few kinks. You have a tendency to repeat yourself with dialogue and description. Also, it isn't necessary to have a scene where Spencer comes clean to Adrian and then have another scene with her sister where her dialogue summarizes the entire sequence. The story seemed to drag a bit after the Memorial debacle, and it felt that it lacked enough... conflict. The situation with Alvin ended a little too soon... and was resolved rather anti-climatically (not that I actually minded it being anti-climatic; I thought that was a good twist). Lastly, there just wasn't much to Alvin, even though he was the main source of the first conflict. He was just a douche.

Over than that, it was all a fun romp. I'll keep it on my list,

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