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I absolutely loved this book. I think it is suitable for any ages; I am 12 and I read it, my mom read this in her 40's, and my grandmother started to read it. At first glance, I wasn't really into it and only got about seven chapters in. Then, I went and started over, and I was amazed at how I could possibly dislike this in the beginning! I love everything, from the characters' actions to the ending. (I didn't see the ending coming... But I won't spoil it to those of you who haven't read this yet!) I love how much science was incorporated into this; it made me learn while I read in a fun, understandable way. There were many explanations, so that if I didn't understand anything, I didn't have to depend on monotonous google to find long, confusing definitions for me. I got hooked and ended up getting in trouble for being unable to put this awesome story down! Thanks, Mr. Tate, for creating this awesome story that teaches, as well as inspires, readers like me to get into science.

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